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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Results oriented COGNITIVE THERAPY for depression, anxiety, ADHD, careers: Silver Spring

Cognitive Therapy • for Adults 16+   
Silver Spring                -  Blue Cross & Medicare

I'm a Results-Oriented Cognitive Therapist (CBT), with an active, problem-solving approach, to help clients improve their lives and achieve their goals - including overcoming anxiety, depression, career and relationship issues – and coping better with ADHD. 

I don't sit back, listen and nod.  We discuss your issues then work as a team to address them, and build a happier, more rewarding life.  To achieve goals more readily, we often agree on new coping behaviors to practice between sessions - then later discuss your hurdles and successes.

Cognitive Therapy is results-oriented, exploring habitual ways of thinking and feeling to improve how we cope, decide and behave.so we can achieve the kind of life we seek. . But sometimes we need to resolve issues from the past to improve our lives in the present.
Veterans:  Individual counseling is available via the VA Choice program. 

ADHD Counseling & Coping Skills:   Learn coping skills for procrastination, prioritizing, clutter, etc.  Become more organized, focused, and confident - in order to get more done in less time!  Learn your strengths and gifts; then use them and build upon them.  Stop beating yourself up for shortcomings and past disappointments - develop better coping strategies - get more done - and get more confidence, optimism, and self-esteem! 

Career Counseling:   What do you enjoy doing?  What feels rewarding?  What do you, and others, think are your strengths. Let's look at your skills and experience, then explore careers you could be good at and enjoy. Learn to truly appreciate your strengths - then get advice and support towards getting hired.  Don't just get a job, get a profession! 
Free Phone Consult  •  Univ of Chicago trained  •  15+ years exper
Jim Presant  LCSW-C  •  301.575.4533