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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

ADHD Counseling Cognitive Therapy: Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Takoma Park, College Park, Bethesda

ADHD Counseling:  What it is  How it works 

We can work together to help you develop the specific ADHD coping skills you need, and to live a more productive, more enjoyable life.  People with ADHD frequently have unique gifts, but they're often unrecognized.  Let's find them, appreciate them and put them to good use. 
First, we explore possible ADHD/ADD symptoms to assess if ADHD is the right diagnosis. If desired, we may consider a visit to a medical doctor to explore whether medication may be desirable. 
Second, Then we work together to develop and prioritize goals: What issues need to be resolved? What skills improved? How could your life be better?
Third, We focus on achieving relief from any painful depression, anxiety, guilt, and shame which frequently accompany ADHD. This is especially important if many difficulties have been endured prior to recognizing the ADHD.
Fourth, Then we work on developing organizing skills and coping skills for task avoidance, procrastination, interpersonal skills, clutter, time management, etc.
Fifth, We focus on continuing support for maintaining good coping skills, decision-making, positive attitude, confidence, self esteem, and better relationships.
My organizinational expertise is quite useful as we discover and build upon strengths, and develop strategies to become more efficient and successful at home, at work, and in relationships.
My vocational expertise is useful in assessing skills, interests, and experience to explore new career strategies that may be a better fit, opening the door to more satisfaction and success! Choosing a career and friends wisely is key to success with ADHD.   
Think you may have ADHD? Do you struggle with relationships, work, or school? Let's find some better coping strategies and work toward a better life.