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ADHD Tips Cognitive Therapy: Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Takoma Park, College Park, Bethesda


Tips for Coping with ADHD


  •  Accept ongoing support from friends or a coach.
  • Slow down and really listen to feedback from others.
  • Really hear what others say you’re good at.
  • Learn to forgive your mistakes - don’t beat yourself up
  • .Value your energy and creativity - and use them.
  • Carry a day planner with you always, and a pen.
  • At least get a free calendar/ daytimer from Hallmark.
  • Would a to-do list be better than those post-its?
  • Invest in organizing tools: file folders, alarms, etc.
  • Keep all important papers vertical in files: no stacks!
  • Learn to quickly skim books for key thoughts.
  • Buy and refer to organizing books.
  • Buy a Dr. Hallowell book.
  • Create a system to prioritize tasks and time, and stick to it.
  • Take 5 min timed breaks often, to help to stay on task.
  • Exercise at least 7 minutes and get outside every day.
  • Share your deepest thoughts with at least three people.
  • Seek relaxing, uplifting environments.
  • What music motivates you during different activities?  
  • If possible, delegate tasks you dislike or avoid.