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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Career Counseling Cognitive Therapy: Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Takoma Park, College Park, Bethesda

Get Help Choosing the Best Career - for You!       

When jobs are hard to find, tuition is expensive, and millions are unemployed or underemployed, it's critical to choose the career best suited to your skills, likes, needs and experience - and with reasonable hiring potential!. 

 A good job should be enjoyable, rewarding and support a comfortable lifestyle.  A good career ladder is a map toward that good job, with potential to grow, and greater pay and responsibility for greater experience

 A first step toward a rewarding, well-paying job is to evaluate skills and experience, learn from your past, and clarify what you do and don’t enjoy.  What things do you do well?  What tasks are rewarding?  In what direction do knowledgeable friends encourage you?

 Then we compare your profile to the actual world of work:

  • What has good potential for getting hired?
  • What path would support the lifestyle you desire?
  • What would likely bring long term success?
  • And do you have values or beliefs that should be considered?

Finally, we can

  • Create a targeted resume to get you interviews;
  • Develop a job hunting plan;
  • And, if necessary, create a time management structure, etc., to accomplish your goals.

If desired, I can then offer coaching, ongoing strategy, and support for taking the steps needed to land the job! 

 I’ve advised and supported over a hundred people on career issues, created or improved over a hundred well-targeted resumes - and I’m familiar with a large number of careers and the entry strategy for most of them.

 Let’s evaluate your skills, learn from your past, clarify what you do and don’t enjoy – then develop a career plan that’s tailored to your unique situation.